11 Oct 2014

5 TV Shows To Binge Watch This Halloween Season

First things first - apologies for the huge gap between this post and the last. Between moving flat, still having no broadband and being plagued with Freshers Flu, finding the means to post anything proved rather difficult. But today I finally reached the point where I felt well enough to stumble to the library in order to write, and posting shall be regular again from this week onwards. On the way to the library today I took a recently discovered shortcut through an old war cemetery. The cemetery is scenic and huge in size, and the shortcut through it makes for an atmospheric and contemplative walk (I don't even need earphones). And today the recent cold mist and abundance of crunchy leaves added to the graveyard's creepy yet somewhat darkly comforting nature. And that's when it hit me, it's starting to feel like Halloween! And what better way to bask in the Halloweeny atmosphere bestowed upon us for the upcoming weeks? Binge watching scary TV shows of course. Here are my top 5 shows which I believe are perfect for the run up to Halloween: 

1. American Horror Story

Most AHS fans are hyper-aware that with this week comes the annual return of the show. American Horror Story is a world class TV drama which is not afraid to go the extra horrific mile. Packed with gore, fright, laughs and tremendous acting and cinematography each season brings with it a unique new creepy setting along with enthralling new characters (though often consisting of old familiar faces). Whether you're an old fan getting ready to sink your teeth into American Horror Story: Freak Show or you're someone who still hasn't gotten round to watching the innovative first season, this month is the perfect time to be consumed by this thrilling show. Personally, if I do ever get an internet connection again, I'm planning to spend my evenings re watching the first (and in my opinion the best and most psychologically affecting) season this month.

2. True Blood

True Blood, everyone's favourite sexy vampire show. Set in the Southern fantasy town of Bon Temps, where humans are attempting to live in harmony with the coexisting vampire residents (and the various other supernatural creatures who happen to come out of the woodwork), True Blood follows the story of telepath Sookie and her resistance in stay out of any dangerous vampire-related situation. The show came to a timely end this summer making now the perfect time to revisit the pre 'shark-jumping' atmospheric and exciting first few seasons.

3. Being Human (UK)

Being Human is a massively underrated home-grown supernatural drama/dark comedy from the UK. It follows the tribulations of a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost who all share the same house (though the dynamics change in the later seasons where new main characters are introduced). Being Human is poignant, funny and exciting, and the short 6-8 episode seasons are filled with so much suspense that you may find difficulty in talking yourself out of staying up late and consuming the whole first season in a night. 

4. Hemlock Grove

Hemlock Grove is a more original take on the common vampire/werewolf set up, incorporating Roman and Greek mythology to make a modern gothic tale. The story starts off centring around the protagonist Peter, a Romani teen who, unluckily for him, moves into the mysterious Hemlock Grove at the same time young girls start to show up dead. Intensely gruesome and disturbing, but also involving and addictive - Hemlock Grove is a Netflix only program, meaning both seasons are there ready and waiting to be binged watched this October. 

5. Pretty Little Liars

Here's something for those too nervous to watch any bona fide horror shows. Pretty Little Liars is a dark teen drama following a group of High School girls who start receiving text messages from an anonymous terroriser following the death of the 'queen bee' of their clique. Pretty Little Liars is simultaneously spooky yet ultra-fun and girly - If you're not anxiously anticipating when the enigmatic 'A' will make their next move then you're lusting after one of the Liars outfits (or after one of the lead males). Luckily for me, being behind on so many programs means I have a whole season of this to catch up on in the run up to Halloween!


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