13 Jan 2015

A Quick Update

Firstly, this is my new hair! It's a fairly drastic change to the long, bright red hair I've been sporting for the last 2 years, so this is a bit of a milestone. I'm also quite proud of it as it's the result of me dying my hair myself for the first time, and with only using natural dyes. Despite all that I managed to get a unique and vibrant colour that I'm pretty happy with, considering!

With the little hair update out of the way, the main purpose of this post is actually to apologise for the sporadic and not very frequent amount of posts on this blog lately. January has been, and will continue to be, a very busy month, which I've also had to spend time preparing for the month before. I have 7 uni assignments due this month, to be exact, along with other 'life' stuff going on. But come February I'm aiming to be more active here again. Though I unfortunately cannot promise that I'll be able to post as frequently as many other bloggers do, as I have a few other projects that I am working on also, but I still want this to be one of them. And in the near future I'm aiming to post more 'essay' type blog posts here to challenge myself and just to get more original context out there. They of course will still be on topics that interest me and that I have strong views on or experience with.

So if you follow me on here thanks so much and please continue, I'll be seeing you again very soon!

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