6 Jun 2015

My Favourite Feelings

Last week, Hank Green - from the Youtube channel Vlogbrothers - posted a video with the title ‘15 of My Favourite Feelings’. In the video, as its title suggests, Hank proceeds to list some of his favourite feelings; ranging from feelings derived from little things to more profound things, from feelings widely relatable to ones more unique to him. The video got me considering my own favourite feelings, but also had me wondering why I never really stop to consider my favourite feelings much in the first place. Things that make us feel good are what makes life worth living, so there’s really nothing more essential than stopping to actually appreciate those things and how they make us feel. Also, if we do have a tab on them we can then begin to think about how we can revisit those feelings when possible, by looking at what incites them.

So, off the top of my head, here are 15 of my favourite feelings:

1. When my favourite line comes up in one of my favourite songs and I immerse myself in it

2. Getting a notification from the guy I like

3. Receiving a new book in the mail, especially when the book has great cover art

4. The moment I get to an amazing and unexpected twist in the book/show I’m reading/watching

5.  Finding out the person I like feels the same

6. The moment I’m reunited with family when I return home from university

7. Realising people care more than I had realised

8. When I have the lights out and I’m listening to a song that gives me goosebumps

9. When I’m hanging out with good friends or family and I stop to think ‘I love these people and this is great’

10. When my body is aching after a long day and I finally curl up into bed in the midst of all my bedding and find the most comfortable position conceivable 

11. The comforting feeling when I fall asleep early and can hear the voices of my family in the background whilst I drift off

12. Receiving a good grade at uni

13. Realising that I finally don’t care about something that’s been bothering me for so long

14. The feeling of freedom as I look out onto the open road/track ahead of me whilst travelling to a place I’ve never been before

15. Realising, that in a particular moment, I am happy

To continue the conversation that Hank Green has started, why not compile a list of your favourite feeling? I know I’ll be excited to read about what makes other people feel good!

Watch Hank's video here

Ps. I am back! Stay tuned for regular posts from here on out. 


  1. The seventh one is strong and I like this feeling, too. I'll do this 'tag' soon cause I liked your version and it's a good thing to do as it'll help me realise what makes me truly happy. :)


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