22 Jul 2015

25 Random Facts About Me

So, I was tagged to write 25 Random Facts About Me by the lovely Kasia. Seeing as my blog is still relatively new, this seems like a great way for anyone reading to get to know me better. Enjoy!

1. The majority of my wardrobe consists of black clothing.

2. I love music, Alternative Rock is my favourite genre.

3. I've been to 13 US states.

4. I want to be a novelist in the future.

5. The furthest I've travelled to see a band is over 4000 miles.

6. I regularly do Tarot readings for myself.

7. I study English Literature.

8. I'm single and have so far always been single.

9. I (weirdly) had a moderate phobia of the BT Tower in London up until the age of 14.

10. My taste in books ranges from the Classics to Young Adult Fantasy novels.

11. I prefer the weather to be cool rather than warm.

12. My favourite films include: Les Miserables, Inception, The Dark Knight, Sweeney Todd and Requiem for a Dream.

13. I watch a lot of Youtube, my favourite Youtubers are Dan & Phil.

14. I intermittently battle with Anxiety and Depression.

15. I've been recovering from a Breathing Disorder for the last year and a half, and it's something that continues to affect my life quite a bit.

16. My all time favourite TV show is Lost.

17. I have one half sister, but I grew up as an only child.

18. I enjoy sweet things more than I do savoury.

19. The first thing I do when I realise I'm home alone is start singing.

20. Spiders are my biggest phobia.

21. I'm terrible at spelling, despite being an English student and writer!

22. Lyrics are the most important part of a song to me.

23. My hair has been; brown, black, dark purple, burgundy and bright red in the past. It is currently an auburn/ginger colour.

24. I generally prefer vanilla to chocolate.

25. I would love to live in Nashville, Tennessee one day.

I hope you feel that you've learnt a little bit about me after reading this. I nominate Becster and xgembeanx to now write 25 facts about yourselves, and I also nominate anyone else reading!

Amani x


  1. I just love this type of post !


  2. I might comment on each and every one haha sorry in advance! :D
    1. TOO relatable 2. Anything rock related is amazing <3 3. I've never been to US, the only place abroad that I've been to is Berlin. :( 4. I don't know who I want to be, but I'm glad I can see your journey from the beginning! 5. I've never traveled that far! 6. I don't really do that but personality tests are my addiction, kind of. And I also check the meaning of names. 7. You're my guru, really! 8. YES OMG finally somebody understands me! 9. That's an interesting one, really! 10. This one makes me think I should read more, really! 11. YES, 100%. 12. Requiem for a Dream <3 13. You know exactly how I feel about this one. :D *13yo mode:on* 14. I can relate + I didn't know the word 'intermittently'. :) 15. Ohhh. :( 16. I've never watched it tbh, got some watching to do! 17. Being a person who's got one sister and one brother, I was always wondering how it is to be the only child. :) 18. I kinda feel like I enjoy both of these the same. :D 19. Yes, though I cannot sing at all. 20. I'm actually a person who's kind of not scared of spiders; bees terrify me though! 21. Yes, me too! I often drift away and don't know what I was writing and type things like "I weren't" ohgoddd. 22. Definitely! 23. I'm constantly somewhere between being blonde and brunette, loving your hair btw! 24. Sorry, but chocolate for the win. :D 25. I would love to live in London, actually. :D So, summing up this long ass comment, this was really entertaining! I really enjoyed reading your facts and I am kinda glad because we seem to have a lot in common, don't we? xx

    1. Haha it's okay, thanks :) I think we really need to have proper conversations about these things! Like you need to tell me about those personality tests, they sound cool :) And we do, I need you in England haha. I loved reading your response :) xxx

  3. Wow 13 States that is impressive - how did you manage that? I've watched Lost twice from start to finish and I still don't get it! I can't stand spiders either! I would love to visit Nashville - I'm currently addicted to the tv show. Do you watch it? Thanks for tagging me!

    1. I went travelling in America a few summers ago for about a month, so I got to visit quite a few of the states then :) I haven't actually gotten round to watching Nashville, but sounds like I should start though! And no problem :) x

  4. Great facts :)
    xx Katha

  5. The post is really interesting! I love your blog:)


  6. spiders are the worst! love this post!

    xx closetchronicle.blogspot.com

  7. Oooo Tarot readings that's so cool! The Dark Knight is one seriously good movie, I'm really interested to see Suicide Squad when it comes out... why is it a whole year a way?!?!. You can never ever have to much Dan and Phil in your life! Loved getting to know more about you, you are awesome! <3


    1. Thank you! :) And yeah, I'm interested to see Jared Leto's Joker :)

  8. I also love alternative music (Nine Inch Nails and Tool are my favourites), I also loved Lost xx


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