14 Jul 2015

Recent Stationary Buys

I'm in the process of getting more organised; which is mainly consisting of me writing out the content of my many phone notes into actual physical notebooks (for some reason this feels more secure and less cluttery to me). I've long ago started using a yearly planner to better organise myself, but there are so many things I note down on a daily basis that don't fit into simple day to day planning, hence always finding myself messily jotting things down on my iPhone. The idea now is to have a few notebook with allocated content themes, which I can keep on display in my room for easy access.

The first notebook I bought is this extremely pastel notebook from WHSmith with a floral/bird print. I had been searching for a notebook for my listography and long term do-to lists/bucket lists, and this seemed perfect for it. It's the ideal size to contain my long lists (slightly smaller than A4), yet is also light and easy to flip through.

It has a beautiful teal metallic detail on the cover and a pink chevron pattern on the side of the pages. Inside is also extremely pretty with a pale pink butterfly print on each of the lined pages. I'm really looking forward to making a start on filling up this notebook!

The second notebook will be used for jotting down notes for my novel, along with any other creative writing ideas that come to me. I bought this notebook from the Ebay shop eleanoras12. It's an A5 size, making it perfect to put in my handbag and take with me wherever I go. It has a lovely floral and polka dot print on the cover, with textured, glittery butterflies on top, which adds a vintage scrapbook effect. 

The pages inside are lined and on the top of each page is a space for the day's date, typed in a handwritten font, and is a detail I love. 

Lastly, I was also recently gifted a new pen from Paperchase by a family member. It has a beautiful vintage print which includes butterflies (noticing a pattern here?), flowers and parchment paper. The pen writes nicely and has black ink. I really love Paperchase's biros and this pen is probably among the prettiest that I've ever owned or seen in stores.

What are some of your favourite stationary stores or brands?

Amani x



  1. Oh gosh, I need something like that <3 I have one tiny notebook { https://instagram.com/p/2BJQqRqryx/?taken-by=lecafenoir } and I so need more of them! The first one looks like a notebook I'd buy on spot, it's so cute and the colours are just my style. :D

    1. Aww your notebook is so pretty! It's so hard to find notebooks I actually like, I'm so fussy when it comes to buying them :P x

    2. YES. You can never compromise on your aesthetics! :D

  2. Both of these are incredibly gorgeous and stylish! Loving the floral/bird one the most though!



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