17 Aug 2015

Recently Bought Favourites

I've recently come to the conclusion that my buying habits aren't consistent enough for a standard 'monthly favourites' series, as I sometimes buy more stuff in a single week than would sensibly fit into a monthly favourites post - and on the flip side, I can also go a whole month without buying anything to treat myself with (ahem, when my student loan runs out). So I figured that a more casual, semi-regular post series like this would be an easy way to showcase my recent buys and favourites.

These are some things I've bought recently that I've been enjoying enough to write about!

Bicycles Lever Arch File - Sainsbury's, £2 
I had been eyeing this ridiculously pretty bicycle/butterfly/floral-printed, glitter-textured file at Sainsbury's for some time now, though sadly couldn't think of anything I needed it for, and so had no excuse to buy it. But alas, last week I finally found (or maybe invented) a use for it, and I now own it!

Bourjois Little Round Pot Intense Eyeshadow, 10 - Boots, £6.99
I'd been looking to update my black eyeshadow for a while. And so I recently found myself typing 'best black eyeshadow' into Google search. The results were almost unanimous, so I swiftly opened up another tab and immediately purchased the Bourjois Little Round Pot Intense Eyeshadow in shade 10. And it is definitely living up to its title. It's the blackest of black eyeshadows with a great finish, catering perfectly to my black eye make-up needs.


NXY Angel Veil: Skin Protecting Primer - Amazon, £15.10
This is actually the first primer purchase I've ever made, so I don't have much to compare it to. But I can say that my make-up looks great over it and stays on forever; where as I used to be someone who was constantly reapplying my make up through out the day, awkwardly trying to balance a mirror compact and various make up items. So yes, definitely appreciating this product!

Paris Exercise Book - Paperchase, £3 
How I acquired this lovely Paperchase notebook is actually a bit of a complicated story. I originally bought it for someone but ended up being unable to give it to them, so had to keep it for myself. And well, I'm not complaining! I love it, from it's Parisian scrapbook-esque cover, to the adorable prints on the corners of each of the inside pages. This is a very welcome addition to my stationary collection!

The Sight of the Stars Makes Me Dream (Geometric Stars Remix) iPhone 5 Case - Redbubble, £20.84
I recently discovered the site Redbubble, which hosts many beautiful phone cases. So much so that it took me days to actually narrow down the list of cases I wanted to only one. I finally settled on this design and knew I had made the right decision as soon as it arrived in the post. It's beautiful!

Let me know what your favourite recent purchases are in the comments!

Amani x


  1. That phone case is so magical, like a dream!


  2. I need to get to sainsburys!! That folder is too cute!!



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