29 Aug 2015

'You Don't Need To Wear Make-Up': A Rant

'You don't need to wear make-up' is to me one of the most irritating things someone can say, not to mention one of the silliest. Of course no one needs to wear make-up, they choose to. You may as well be telling someone that they don't need to wear their favourite necklace, or dye their hair, or wear denim. Make-up is a way of expressing one's style and creativity through their appearance, in the same way someone's choice of clothes or accessories does the same. It also happens to be a major hobby for lots of people; many take serious pride in the different looks they achieve with make-up and in their make-up collections. Again, you wouldn't say to someone that they don't need to knit or paint or collect stamps. By telling someone wearing make-up that they don't need to wear make-up you are belittling something that takes a lot of time, effort, care and money to achieve, something that that person is likely proud of putting together.

What actually prompted me to write this blog post was seeing someone comment 'You don't need to wear make-up' on a Youtube Beauty Guru's video (about make-up!), and this is quite a common incidence. Can people really not see the irony in telling someone who makes their living out of putting on and talking about make-up that they don't actually need to wear it?? 

It seems to be a commonly held believe that women only wear make-up to attract men/a partner. I can personally and truly say that I wear make-up for myself - it's simply a creative representation of who I am as a person. And well, I like it and it makes me happy. If a guy I was interested in told me he'd prefer it if I didn't wear make-up then I'd swiftly move on to search for someone who will like me for who I am and appreciate my style. Of course, it's pretty common for women to doll themselves up before a date, but then why not? Whilst they're putting on their make-up in preparation for the date, their date is likely spending time, say, gelling their hair and/or finding an outfit that compliments them best. It's a biological instinct to want to preen yourself and enhance your best features to attract a potential partner. It's natural and usually fun to do.

Another common belief is that women only wear make-up because society pressures them to do so. Whilst there may again be some truth to this, it is also undeniable that a huge number of girls (and not only, of course) genuinely enjoy the art of painting and prettying themselves, and feel powerful because of it. Even as a young child I distinctly remember often trying on my mum's lipsticks in front of the mirror, as it was something I was drawn to and found fulfilling. And when I reached an age where it was finally acceptable for me to start wearing make-up out and about it was tremendously exciting for me, and in retrospect is one of the defining moments in my life in which I started to become the person who I am.

There are so many of us who immensely enjoy putting on, wearing, shopping for and collecting make-up, and deem it a part of who we are, so why should anyone try and take that away from us? I urge people to stop and think twice before telling a make-up wearer that they 'don't need it'. Complimenting how someone looks without make-up is of course fine and most likely welcomed, just as long as you're not simultaneously dismissing or putting down how that person looks when they do wear it - especially if that's how the person chooses to present themselves in every day life.

What are everyone else's thoughts on this issue? Does it bother you, or is it just me??

Amani x


  1. This really pisses me off too. I absolutely love my makeup application ritual, it's so calming and therapeutic for me and oddly it reflects how I feel on the day. I just hate when people think their opinions and suggestions are helpful when really all i want to do is talk about makeup all day... hence I have a beauty blog! xxx

    Karan|| studentbeautyhack

  2. Whole heartily agree with you Amani and bloody well said if you don't mind me saying. This is why people just need to be themselves and learn to not care what others think because society and people will just tear you apart no matter what you do, chose or not chose. It's your life so do what makes you happy! <3


  3. I completely agree with you! I find myself doing my makeup on a daily basis because it is what I enjoy and most of the time I'm not even leaving the house anyway! I just find it really creative and fun. Great post, I couldn't agree more!<3
    FloralsAndCoralsx // Our Blog


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