12 Sept 2015

Eight Photos Of Happiness

Thanks so much to the lovely Amanda from amanda-speroni.blogspot.ca who has nominated me to post eight photos that represent happiness to me!

I actually it founding surprisingly hard to narrow these photos down to only eight. But here are some of the things that make me happy, in picture form!:

Here I would ideally have a picture of my bookcase. But sadly I don't have any current pictures of my books, and all my books are in storage for the summer so I can't take any new pictures! Reading books makes me happy, and I especially love looking at all the books I've collected over the years. But as I can't share them with you at this moment, here instead is a shelf of very old books in a bookshop on Charing Cross road (I also really like old books!).

Music is an important part of my life and I love going to see my favourite bands when they tour, it's always something to really look forward to. Here's a picture of me after a recent Hozier gig. Hozier also happens to be one of my favourites artists at the moment!

Yep, I really like cake. A lot. And I especially like making cake. I find it a great creative outlet, and one that's particularly rewarding (and not only because I get to eat cake as a result!)

My Mum
Okay, my mum will probably kill me for uploading this picture of her because she absolutely hates it! But it always seems impossible for us to get a good picture together. But my mum is definitely the closest person to me and this picture is from a really fun day out we had recently!

Hampstead Heath
Hampstead is the area in London where I'm from, and Hampstead Heath is a large stretch of heathland that takes up a large part of it. I love both Hampstead and London, and the Heath is a really peaceful (and beautiful) place to go for a walk when needing some headspace. There's also a big hill in it from which you can get a great view of the city. 

Christmas is definitely one of my favourites times of the year. I love the food and getting to spend time with family. This is last year's Christmas table set up. I was particularly excited about it because it was the first time I had set up the family Christmas table myself - and the first time I had bought Christmas decorations of my choosing and decorated the house with them!

Nashville, Tennessee
Nashville is my favourite place in the world (that I've visited so far). It's also the happiest place I've visited. I actually arrived there for the first time in one of the worst emotional states I've ever been in, but as soon as the coach pulled up I was so bedazzled by the city that my troubles were completely eclipsed.

Me - being happy
I feel like it's really hard to get a genuinely happy looking selfie, but here you have it! This was taken in Brighton - somewhere I really love - and in a moment when I was laughing at a joke and truly happy!

I hope you enjoyed this post. For this tag I am just going to nominate anyone who's reading this, who hasn't done this tag yet. Please let me know if decide to do so, I would love to see what makes you happy!

Amani x


  1. You and your Mum are so gorgeous! Mum's are such special people they really do know how to make everything feel ok and to pick you up! <3 Oh music... what in the world would we do if we didn't have music?!?! I love your happy selfie Amani and this post made me smile! <3



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