1 Oct 2015

Back To Uni Haul

Firstly, sorry for the lack of activity recently! I've spent the last week moving to a new accommodation, getting settled in, and sorting out various other aspects of my life. And this sudden onslaught of stress can only mean one thing; it's 'back to uni' season! I start my 3rd year of university next week and have of course bought a few things to see me into the new academic year. Here are a few favourtes:

Owl Playing Cards - Paperchase

Playing cards are an essential for student life - coming in handy for drinking games and chilled nights in alike- and when I spotted these ultra-cute owl themed playing cards in Paperchase I decided they'd be a perfect addition to my new studio apartment! 

Turquoise Bird and Floral A4 Project Notebook - WHSmith

The item on the top of my to-buy list for the new academic year was a fresh new notebook. Though it proved surprisingly tricky finding an A4 notebook with separators (essential for all my modules) - and especially one that were aesthetically pleasing. But I ended up settling on this beautiful bird printed project book from WHSmith, which is not dissimilar from this notebook I recently bought from the same collection!

Black Floral Pencil Case - WHSmith

I actually spotted this pencil case early in the summer and purchased it immediately, as it was the perfect replacement for my previous yet now worn out pencil case. Black floral designs are something I'm loving at the moment as they perfectly merge together and satisfy the two opposing sides of me; the one that loves things all black and the one that basks in the pretty and the 'girly'. 

Mystic Rose Umbrella - Paperchase

Paperchase is currently holding a collection (Mystic Rose) that I absolutely love, and frankly, want to buy all of. And as the new academic year means that winter is also approaching, I was in need of a new umbrella, so bought one from the collection. Again, this fits in with my love of  'dark and floral', and the print is generally made up of great colours. I'm hoping to buy more from this collection very soon!

Black Polkadot Pyjama Bottoms - Primark

To me, relocating back to university prompts the need to do and purchase things to make me as comfortable as possible in my new place. So with that in mind I picked out these black, polka dot pyjama bottoms from Primark ,which are exceedingly comfortable as well as cute!

Have you made any great purchases upon returning to/starting uni?

Amani x



  1. I love that umbrella..and your blog!
    Morgan | theradwife.blogspot.com

  2. Since returning back to uni i've invested in waterproofs, some awesome Where's Wally pjs and primark candles. Cannot get enough of them/too stingy to put the heating on yet!


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