27 Oct 2015

Plum Paper Planner Review

A few months ago I purchased Plum Paper's monthly planner from their Etsy store. And as we're now coming to the end of the year, a time where many people will be considering purchasing a new planner for 2016, I thought this would be a great time to review the product!

Firstly, when you go to Plum Paper's store to make your purchase you are met with a load of options as to how you would like your planner to look. There are dozens of unique cover designs to choose from, all including a space for your name to be added. Some cover designs also include a logo that will made up of your initials, or a place for a photo of your choice. I settled with this dark purple, dandelion cover design, with just my name at the bottom.

You also have a choice of 4 options as to how your day-to-day planner pages will be set out. Options include columns being divided up into hourly segments, or being separated into blocks pertaining to morning, afternoon, evening. I chose one of the options that excluded any time restrictions for more freedom, as I don't necessarily have a set time for things I need to do in the day. 

Personalisation options are easily selected before checkout. 

Something that's very handy is that you can choose what month your planner will start in, meaning you can make your purchase at any time of the year but still get a full 12 month planner. When choosing your starting month bear in mind that processing takes a few weeks. And if you are not in the US it can take 6-8 weeks for you to receive your planner. 

Above is an example of how I use my planner. Note: I have a dysfunctional breathing condition meaning that I have to do at least three breathing exercises per day, hence having to remind myself to breathe! The check-list boxes at the bottom of the page come in handy for little things like that. 


Notice how each month is colour coded!


There are many other features through the planner, meeting pretty much all possible organisation needs. There are pages set aside for notes that come before and after each month, pages dedicated to noting down passwords, spaces for contacts, yearly calenders, a space to write down special dates for each month and more. The shop also allows you to purchase extra add-ons such as to-do lists, a bill tracker, extra notes pages and even pages for blog planning! 

The planner I bought is their regular planner, but they also sell student planners, family planners, fitness planners and more. 

I fell in love with this planner as soon as it arrived and I'm still loving it months down the line. It has proved to be a very neat, practical and satisfying way to organise my life, whilst also being pretty to look at and small and light enough to carry around in my bag without hassle!

Disclaimer: A newer version of this planner has been released since this review was written

Amani x

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  1. I love a planner and this one looks great! I make my own bullet journal using a standard notebook ( a pretty one from Paperchase) which I modify.


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