4 Nov 2015

October '15 In Pictures

Sunset, First Lecture of the year

                                                             Manning Freshers Fair stall

Sunset at Hockley Hustle, Sprinkle of Glitter book signing 

Sprinkle of Glitter book signing, Train ride to Sheffield

Stormy weather in Sheffield

Dan and Phil at the Sheffield City Hall

Autumn walk to campus, Autumn selfie 

Autmun walk to campus 

Autumn leaves out the window in London, Selfie

Gran's 70th birthday, Halloween sweets

Giant poppy in Kings Cross Station, Velma Halloween selfie

Amani x


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  1. :O Your Velma Halloween photo YUSS girl!!! So perfect! The sunset photos just make me so happy and arggghhh Dan and Phil's book so want to get it!



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