29 Dec 2015

To 2016, From Me

Dear 2016,

You scare me. 

You scare me because you're the year that, if everything goes to plan, will see me graduate and move forward into a new chapter in my life. A chapter that will include moving location and finding a career. 

You scare me because that new chapter is yet to take shape, so still remains a mystery from where I stand on the edge of 2015. 

You scare me because the latter part of this year consisted of endings, meaning the only way forward next year is to start again. To re-learn, to re-evaluate, to re-trust. To say goodbye, but also to say hello. 

You scare me because I've spent many first midnights of years past wishing for the next 12 months to be better. But to only look back with sorrow once the year reached its end, with the retrospect that things didn't go to plan. That I had experienced more hardship than I could have seen coming.

You scare me because I have no real control of what you may hold.

2016, yes, you scare me. But I won't let the idea of you overwhelm me. I don't have many resolutions for the next 365 days, but I do have one:

My resolution is to take you a day at a time. And to simply do my best. 

Amani x

16 Dec 2015

Party Season Nail Favourites

With Christmas and New Years impending I thought it was time to update my nail varnish collection, so I recently engaged in a mini drugstore nail varnish haul in search of the perfect holiday nail look. As I was really happy with a few of my purchases I thought I'd share a few of my favourites! 

So here are some nail looks I've been sporting at Christmas parties, and that I'm looking forward to wearing for the rest of the holiday season:

Maybelline, Colour Show - Let It Snow, 353 Red & Precious Pearl
I actually got this set free along with my other two Colour Show purchases, which I was glad about because I did have my eye on the set. This is now one of my current favourite nail looks, I love the coat's snowy look against the festive red base.

Rimmel, Glitter High Coverage - 002 Ruby Crush
I also experimented with coating the same red shade by Maybelline with this glittery varnish from Rimmel. I find it also worked really well with the red base and creates a nice shimmering golden-red look, perfect for party season.

Rimmel, Salon Pro - 135 Frankie My Dear
I really love this simplistic metallic-gold varnish from Rimmel which makes for a bold yet sophisticated look, perfect for the Christmas period.

Rimmel, Love Glitter - 031 Mistletoe Mischief 
I also tried applying this glittery top coat to the gold for a more dazzling effect. I'm actually on the fence about it as I'm not sure it works well with the gold base, but I may try it with another colour in the near future as I do enjoy the golden confetti look of it.

Maybelline, Colour Show - 107 Watery Waste
Similarly to the metallic gold varnish from Rimmel I really love this silver nail varnish from Maybelline. The silver creates an icy feel which I really enjoy for the winter months.

Maybelline, Colour Show - 231 Light Up

Using this as a coat over the silver base actually makes for my favourite party season nail look this year, and so far the one I've been sporting the most!. I absolutely love the texture of the glitter and think the two nail varnishes compliment each other perfectly.

Elegant House, House of Ho Ho Ho - Avalanche & Xmas Xcess
I recently attended the East Midlands Bloggers Christmas Meetup and Elegant Touch were kind enough to gift us East Mids bloggers with a selection of their Christmas themed acrylics. I had actually never worn acrylics before, but it's something that I've wanted to delve into for a while and found these really easy to apply and to wear. The two sets that I received provide really fun nail looks for the Christmas period!

What is your favourite nail look for the party season?

Amani x

4 Dec 2015

November '15 In Pictures

Nottingham fog

Uni selfie, Happy selfie

Traffic in the rain, Antler chandelier 

Colourful shots, Gingerbread lipbalm

Christmas tree, Skirt and tights

Nottingham Christmas lights

Christmas lights, Takeaway

 Lucky Charms, Flowers for me

Amani x
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