29 Dec 2015

To 2016, From Me

Dear 2016,

You scare me. 

You scare me because you're the year that, if everything goes to plan, will see me graduate and move forward into a new chapter in my life. A chapter that will include moving location and finding a career. 

You scare me because that new chapter is yet to take shape, so still remains a mystery from where I stand on the edge of 2015. 

You scare me because the latter part of this year consisted of endings, meaning the only way forward next year is to start again. To re-learn, to re-evaluate, to re-trust. To say goodbye, but also to say hello. 

You scare me because I've spent many first midnights of years past wishing for the next 12 months to be better. But to only look back with sorrow once the year reached its end, with the retrospect that things didn't go to plan. That I had experienced more hardship than I could have seen coming.

You scare me because I have no real control of what you may hold.

2016, yes, you scare me. But I won't let the idea of you overwhelm me. I don't have many resolutions for the next 365 days, but I do have one:

My resolution is to take you a day at a time. And to simply do my best. 

Amani x


  1. Aww bless ❤️. Wishing you a fantastic New Year and hoping it will be less scary and more wonderful than you anticipate! Good luck and much healing and positive light your way! Xxo

  2. That New Year's Resolution to take one-day-at-a-time is excellent! I wish you serenity, courage, happiness, a wonderful and very enjoyable year at Uni and a wonderful and enjoyable life thereafter. You look beautiful in your photo! I LOVE your dark eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara, the pretty colour of your perfectly applied lipstick, pretty hair and lovely outfit! Have a fashiontastic year 2016!


  3. I hope 2016 brings so much magic, love, joy and dreams come true for you Amani! <3 I too feel scared about this year as I have a direction I'm aiming in but the uncertainty of it all is rather scary so I feel you sister! <3 Please be a good one for us all 2016! <3


  4. Thank you :) I hope it does for you too! Good luck and I hope you reach your goals this year :) x


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