9 Feb 2016

January '16 In Pictures

We're already over a week into February so this blog post is long overdue! But I hope everyone had a great January and here's what mine looked like:

Rustic fairy lights in Hampstead

I consumed way too many Caramel Macchiatos in January (note the spelling of my name on the takeaway cup)

Lovely sky outside my window in Hampstead at twilight 

Workspace set up at Starbucks!

 Travelling back to Nottingham after the Christmas holidays

Sunset over Nottingham

In January my health wasn't great and I went on some medication which left me ridiculously drowsy, as you can see in the selfie below. So much so that I couldn't even do simple day to day tasks for a while. This drowsy selfie actually prompted my mum to surprise delirious me (the next day after I uploaded it to Facebook) by coming up from London to Nottingham to check up on me and bring me food. She actually texted me telling me she had ordered me food but when I opened the door expecting a food delivery person it was actually her!

 New boots!

January was the month that I started to delve into music journalism for the first time. My first gig was to review a live set by up-and-coming indie musician Declan McKenna, and also do an interview with him. I was terrified, not to mention still not feeling very well at all, but I did it and it was a great experience. I'm also really glad to have discovered Declan McKenna's music as it is great!

Last month there was a 'Puppy Room' held at my university campus for a day. I got to hang out with a bunch of adorable guide dogs and guide dogs in training. Loved it.

In January I had a lot of chocolate chip Pop Tarts and I regret nothing

First signs of Spring

Back to London to review Hozier at Brixton Academy!

After the show I went and checked out the Brixton David Bowie memorial and it was beautiful (more on that in my next blog post!).

And that was my January. How was yours?

Amani x


  1. Great pictures! That looks like a very eventful January! Hope you are feeling better now x

  2. Looks like you live very close to where I used to nanny in Hampstead :) All those bags travelling back looks exactly how I used to travel when I was at uni (& couldn't talk the parents into a lift...)



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