21 Apr 2016

February & March '16 In Pictures

Apologies for the lateness of this post, and for the lack of recent actively in general. As some of you may know, the beginning of this year was a difficult period for me, Things have been a lot better since then, but as I had to take a lot of time out, the aftermath meant filling my time by attempting to catch up on the elements of my life that I had gotten behind in (for example my final term at uni!).

With that said, here's what February and March of this year looked like for me! 


At the beginning of February I was lucky enough to go and see Les Mis in the West End for a second time!

Nottingham's cityscape at twilight.

Keeping warm in Birmingham station whilst I wait for a gig. 

I enjoyed some really nice Latin food at Las Igaunas in Nottingham!

My anxiety continued to be horrendous this month, hence writing little reminders on myself that I'm okay. 

I started engaging in mandala colouring, which to my surprise often really helped me during extreme anxious episodes. 


Sleeping With Sirens returned to Nottingham's Rock City once again!

Insomnia really hit this month, hence witnessing a lot more sunrises than I would have liked. 

Sunset by the canal.

And ack to London for the Easter holidays, and for a couple of gigs including James Bay!

My mum recently moved, and wasn't fully furnished by the time I arrived. But that was okay because it meant I could have this cool Tumblr-esque set up. 

And finally, Easter Sunday involved a lot of food, and a lot of chocolate. 

Amani x 

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