1 Oct 2016

Summer '16 In Pictures

The summer of 2016 was a pretty eventful one for me, and of course I documented it through pictures - so here's what it looked like!

A boat part to start the summer off!

Aand back in London for the summer holidays.

I went down to the beach for some soul-searching during a difficult period in July.

Just a summer selfie.

Home comforts.

I attended London Film & Comic Con with my mum. The highlight was seeing a LOST panel. 

A Cafe Rouge Lunch.  

Enjoying city life.

The definite highlight of the summer (and year) was taking a tip to America to meet my dad's side of the family for the first time!

My amazing hotel room in South Carolina, and some hotel selfies.

On the road. 

Pretty Richmond, Virginia (and my even prettier hostel).

Ending my trip in Wasginton D.C.!

Back in London Hampstead Heath in the summer.

Two different kinds of steps.

Back in Nottingham and uni's looking pretty in the summertime. 

Another major highlight for me was attending my best friend's wedding! 

I spent the end of the summer back in Nottingham, often cooling off by the fountain in the town square.

Amani x

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  1. Wow!! Your summer was majorly eventful/important and memorable! Out of all these amazing pics, my favourite is the one of the ice cream lol
    And the one of you at the Harry Potter party with the overly excited woman in the background!! Haha :)


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