23 Jan 2017

Recently Bought Favourites

As a student with high rent it seems like I rarely buy anything for myself these days other than essentials (and the odd treat). But when the essentials are cute they also become blog worthy. So here are a few things I've bought recently. 

I needed a new water bottle, having recently lost mine. Luckily I found this cute, baby pink one online. Unlike some it's really easy to open and close, and it also matches my homeware. 

I've had my eye on Demeter fragrances for a while, as they have a huge selection of really cool scents, from 'Wet Garden' to 'Moonbeam.' For my first purchase I bought their 'First Love' scent. I went for the cheaper and smaller roll-on option, as to make sure I liked it. Turns out I do, so I shall be purchasing again. The scent smells floral with a touch of candy (perhaps Love Hearts!).

This 'Nope' t-shirt from Redbubble was one of those things that I 'needed' as soon as I saw it on a sponsored post on Facebook. The rest is history. 

I've heard great things about Beauty Blenders for ages and have only now finally gotten round to purchasing one. I haven't used it yet but I'm looking forward to trying it out!

For ages I've wanted to buy some creaseless hair ties, as I hate always having dents in my hair after putting it up. I finally bought this pack of peach and grey coloured creaseless hair ties from Ebay.

What's your favourite purchase that you've made recently?

Amani x 

6 Jan 2017

Autumn '16 In Pictures

Here's what my Autumn of 2016 looked like:

My birthday is only a few days after the start of Autumn, here are some birthday drinks 

And I travelled back home to celebrate with family on the day.

(And had a look at some wands at the Platform 9 3/4 store at Kings Cross).

My birthday cake from Patisserie Valerie!

Back in Nottingham . .

I got some pretty new postcards for my wall.

And took selfies, of course.

Autumn is my favourite season, and I made sure to stop and appreciate it this year.

One of my favourite things about Halloween time is the treats.

Autumn vibes all around.

Elderflower cocktails were had.

I tried and failed to sit down and film some Youtube videos, hopefully I'll get there eventually!

The first signs of Christmas started to show.

Amani x
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