12 Feb 2017

Highgate Woods

Over Christmas, whilst I was staying with my mum in London, we went for a walk in Highgate Woods. The weather was as perfect as a winter day can be; frost on the ground but also warm sunlight bathing the park, making the atmosphere more than pleasant.

Highgate Woods has wild woodland on the outskirts but also a large open green space in the middle. So it's perfect for both walks as well as just lazing around, there's also enough space for sports. There's also a cafe within the woods that has both inside and outside seating, which I've visited previously. 

It's also great for Pokémon. Highgate Woods has really, really good Pokémon. The park has some great touches, for example craved trees and carvings of wooden animals, which double as unique Pokéstops. 

Amani x

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