4 May 2017

Southern Comfort Masterclass

Last week I attended a Southern Comfort Masterclass; one of the many events that were put on by Nottingham Loves Cocktails, as part of the week-long cocktail festival.

The masterclass was held at Nottingham's Das Kino. I had surprisingly never set foot in Das Kino beforehand, despite having always heard good things about it. Das Kino is a bar and restaurant which serves a great range of food and houses a few ping pong tables to boot. And the atmosphere inside the place is awesome. It's dark yet pleasantly lit with neon lights and signage; an electric Americana vibe.

In case you didn't know, Southern Comfort is a whisky based drink that 'packs a hug rather than a punch'; the presence of fruits and spices mellowing done the traditional whisky taste. During the masterclass we learnt about the history of the drink, as well as some history about New Orleans (where the drink was created) and its vibrant drinking culture.

We also participated in a taste test involving Southern Comfort at different levels of strength. Then, as our fourth and final drink of the night, we were given a Southern Comfort, dairy and egg white based cocktail. And here we were all able to join in on the cocktail making experience by each having a go at shaking the mixture; thorough shaking was apparently integral in this case. Despite being apprehensive when it came to tasting the drink - due to the ingredients - it actually tasted really good!

Finally, in a welcome continuation of the Southern Comfort themed night, Das Kino provided us with chicken wings made with Southern Comfort. And they were suitably amazing.

Many thanks to the people at Southern Comfort and Das Kino! 

Amani x

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