22 Mar 2018

New Home Goals

In the last three years I've lived in a small studio flat within a student accommodation. In that time I have accumulated lots of homeware pieces that I love, and have slowly been coming closer to finding my preferred interior style (I say 'closer' because a mix of pastel furnishing, witchy paraphernalia and Americana may seem a bit inconsistent, but it's slowly melding together to reach a happy medium).

In my time in this studio I have often been restricted creatively due to finances, accommodation regulations and the niggling knowledge that my residence was always going to be temporary. But now my student life is fast departing and the promise of a bigger space and better wage is quickly approaching. And these impending changes have got me mentally planning what I want my next home to look like. Here's a list of some items and elements I want to include in my future flat:

Wall art. 
Currently, the art in my room is limited to postcard-sized images on my pinboard. But for a bigger home I like the idea of one large statement print of one of my favourite paintings or photographs on at least one of the walls.

A more extensive kitchen
A bigger kitchen to me means expanding on my kitchen utensils to make room for items such as kitchen scales and a water purifier. I also want to add dark coloured drinking glasses to my collection. I currently own mostly mugs, which needs to be rectified, and I've always thoughts drinks taste best when drunk from the aftermentioned type of glasses. 

Elegant bathroom furnishings. 
My idea of the perfect bathroom is pristine and with white-marble furnishings and a few pops of colour in items like tumblers. The bathroom I have now is pretty close, and I hope to be able to continue to incorporate this theme in my next apartment. 
Bathroom City is a retailer that has an extensive range of bathroom furniture, accessories and fittings.  

A record player. 
A record player is something I've yet to be able to justify money or space wise, but it's something I'd like in a bigger flat. Similarly, I'd want new, high-quality iPod speakers, as I haven't replaced my last set which broke years ago. 

Makeup storage. 
In the last year I've become a lot more into experimenting with different makeup looks and collecting makeup products. My growing collection means that when I move I should consider looking into purchasing proper makeup storage, rather than cramming everything on top of my dresser like I do now.

Do you have any goals for your future or current home?

Disclaimer: This post has been kindly sponsored, but all views are my own.

Amani x

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  1. A record player is such a great addition - good luck in your future flat and hope you get to put all these into action! x


  2. My goal is to finish the house, lol ... Ours isn't currently decorated at all!! xx

    Golly Miss Holly

    1. Good luck with getting it sorted! xx

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