5 Jun 2018

Pizza Academy at Oscar & Rosie's

Despite recently cutting out dairy (for the most part), pizza is one constant that regularly inhabits my weekly cheat day. And for this reason, I was ultra keen to attend a pizza-making event courtesy of Jess Who - who organizes fun and unique events in Nottingham for Bumble - amidst the craziness of my recent final-year deadline season.

The event was to be held at popular Nottingham pizza joint Oscar & Rosie's, who host a Pizza Academy on their top floor. Which me and a few other local bloggers were about to be lucky enough to take part in. Upon entering Oscar & Rosie's I found it to be aesthetically rustic, lightly retro, and with effortless attention to detail, allowing for great vibes and energy to circulate within its walls. After being led up a magazine page adorned staircase I spent some time mingling with fellow bloggers, until we were instructed to sort ourselves into teams, as there was to be a dose of competition inserted into the pizza-making experience.

Before starting we first observed closely as owner Olly took us through a step-by-step demonstration of how to make a pizza, Oscar & Rosie's style. Turns out I could have been paying better attention. As when it came time for us to have a go ourselves I felt unable to correctly manipulate my dough to the perfect consistency (the 'throwing it into the air' step didn't save it).

When it came to toppings, I kept things simple by only adding sauce, cheese (a lot of it), and pepperoni. I figured that this was the perfect opportunity to make pizza exactly how I would like it. And I'm someone who doesn't like the mix of too many different ingredients and textures in one dish. Despite my choices, we were provided with an array of topping options, even including vegan cheese.

Soon came the moment of truth; seeing how our pizzas would fair after surviving the oven. I was slightly disappointed to see that my pizza turned out more 'oval' than circular. But I was reassured by Olly that this was okay; a pizza that's not a perfect circle can simply be passed off as 'rustic.'

After close inspection by the professionals, it was then time for the results of the competition. Unfortunately, we came third (also known as second to last). But I was just happy we didn't come in last place as a result of my non-circular, slightly lumpy pizza.

But as far as the taste test went, my pizza actually turned out to be amazing. And I can only imagine how good Oscar & Rosie's pizzas would taste when actually crafted by a professional. I finished the whole pizza happily, bar a couple of slices which I saved more for my subsequent library session. From this experience I can definitely understand why Oscar and Rosie's is crowned as the 'best pizza in Nottingham'.

A big thanks to both Jess and Oscar & Rosie's for arranging this extremely fun event. You can find Oscar & Rosie's both in Nottingham and in Leicester. I definitely recommend giving them a visit, and especially having a go at their Pizza Academy!

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