21 Jun 2018

Spring '18, In Pictures

The shortest night is upon us, marking the start of summer and the close of the pastel-egg and pink-and-white blossom laden months. So as a final goodbye to spring, here are a few snapshots of what the last three months looked like for me.

At the start of spring I started a promotional job for Race For Life. Here's me wearing some war paint at one of our events. 

I got both my mum's birthday and Mother's Day presents in the form of biscuits from Honeywell Bakes.

Anyone in England will know that the beginning of spring was very hot. At this time I often took excursions from the library to enjoy the newly warm weather. 

At the start of the year I vowed that I would see a lot more live music in 2018, and spring saw me continue to keep this promise. At the beginning of spring I attended a very atmospheric Sofar Sounds gig in a studio space at Nottingham High School. And shortly after I saw Gengahr + Low Island at the Rescue Rooms. 

In April I went to a really fun Bumble event, where I got to make my own pizza! Read my about my experience here

This season I grew accustomed to very early mornings due to work, often waking up at or before 5am and getting to see the sun rise.

Spring showed itself fully on campus.

I travelled to many cities for work this season, including Birmingham, Leicester, Loughborough and Bedford. 

In spring I finally finished university! Most notably, I finished my ominous dissertation, after a 30+ hour session in the library on no sleep. 

As a result of finishing uni I finally found to time to be creative again, as well as to catch up on leisurely reading. 

As of May I unofficially moved back to London. (I say unofficially as there will be much to-ing and fro-ing until August, due to work and my accommodation). 

I went to All Points East Festival and had some amazing pink mayonnaise chips. 

Spring also showed itself in Hampstead.

I had way too many Krispie Kremes in spring. I blame it on stress eating due to my uni finals, and the convenient placing of Krispie Kremes stores near work, the library, and my grandma's house. 

In May, Arctic Monkeys new album Tranquillity Base Hotel+ Casino was released. This album meant (and still means) so much to me, and served as a poignant soundtrack to the woes of my dissertation writing. I was also lucky enough to win a ballot to see Arctic Monkeys perform at the Royal Albert Hall. It was a night I'll never forget. On the night I dressed with the theme of the new album in mind, with a black and gold spangled mesh dress to represent space. I got to sit in one of Royal Albert Hall's Loggia Boxes. 

I attended Bedford Kite Festival for work.

A walk through Highgate Woods marked the close of spring and the start of summer. 

How was your spring?

Amani x 

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