13 Aug 2018

bakerdays Letterbox Cake

Earlier this month, I received one of the best things a girl like me could hope to receive through the post. Cake. More specifically, a 'letterbox cake', which, as you may have already guessed, is a cake that is delivered through your letterbox.

A couple weeks prior, bakerdays had gotten in touch with me, kindly offering me one of these letterbox cakes in exchange for a review. And as my graduation was coming up, I opted for a graduation themed one. I was given the choice of either choosing a design from their huge online range - which covered every occasion imaginable - or leaving the decision process in their hands and getting it custom made. I thought to add an element of surprise to the cake and opted for the latter, giving them only vague instructions regarding theme and colour scheme. They also let me choose between either a chocolate, vanilla or red velvet cake. I went for vanilla, as for a while I had been nursing a craving for a traditional birthday cake, and figured an iced vanilla cake would satiate that craving nicely!

And here the cake was.

The cake arrived in a small cardboard package, just the right size to fit through the average letterbox. Inside the package I found a cutely designed tin, complete with air holes in the lid. And within the tin lay the cake; fully intact and covered, and easy to retrieve by use of a little paper lever, attached to the paper the cake lay on.

The cake itself looked adorable. The design they had gone for was both pretty and demure. Though petite, the cake was actually bigger than I had expected. I hadn't been sure that a substantially sized cake could find its way through a letterbox. But once in front of me, the cake looked more significant in size than the measurement of 5 inches had conjured up in my mind. And it went on to be able to serve me - more than once - as well as a couple of my family members.

The first thing I noticed upon excitedly trying the cake was that it tasted very fresh. And this was even after having left it for a few days, to later enjoy on my cheat day (or cheat weekend, even). The cake is said to be good for two weeks after arrival, and I can believe it.

As the letterbox cake is small in height - consisting of only one tier - the cake-to-icing ratio rendered the cake quite icing heavy. But as someone who is a big fan of icing - and anything sweet in general - this did me just fine. And this was helped by the fact that both the icing and the sponge of the cake (as well as the jam laying underneath the later of sponge) tasted great. Consider my cake craving officially satisfied.

bakerdays don't just offer letterbox cakes. Their range includes cupcakes, very large cakes, and everything in between. They also offer an array of cake flavours, and have both dairy-free and gluten-free options.

I'll definitely use bakerdays in the future. And I'd recommend them to anyone who's in search of a unique yet thoughtful gift idea. Or simply to anyone who is after some good cake.

Click here to follow bakerdays on Instagram. And you can check out their online store here.

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