24 Oct 2018

The Season In Pictures

As the days get colder, the leaves begin to fall in troves, and sightings of clusters of pumpkins become increasingly frequent, I find myself remembering the hot, sun-filled, stretched out days through a haze as thick as the mist that obscures my windows these Autumn mornings. Though summer was still lingering on just a month ago, it’s hard to remember the scent of the pollinated air and the feeling of the heated skin when all of a sudden plunged so deeply into the year's third season. So here are some summer memories, perpetualized in photo form, and reminding me that summer '18 really did happen. 

This summer saw me leave Nottingham for good. My university's library was my hardest goodbye, and I made sure to make use of the library's roof terrace on my last ever visit. 

I really enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) exploring and rediscovering London . .

 . . in particular Shoreditch and East London, which were new territories for me . . (photo by Jodie)

. . as well as places closer to home, such as the surrounding areas of Hampstead and Highgate.

I went to see some of my favourite bands and artists this summer, as well as attending smaller gigs and discovering new music. 

And I finally graduated! (photos by Rhys)

Soon after graduation, I secured my first full-time job. This is the view I had on my lunch break on my first day (I now opt for slightly warmer locations).

With work came lots of lazy Sundays. 

A highlight of my summer was attending the AM:ZM exhibition - an immersive exhibition revolving around the making of Tranquillity Base Hotel + Casino. I've spoken in the past about how much Arctic Monkeys' space-themed sixth album means to me. And this exhibition gave me the chance to temporarily lived in the world that they had created within the album, in which I had fallen in love with. 

And as the exhibition was in Mayfair, there were some photo ops to be taken advantage of on the way home.

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