When I was a child I thought I'd be married by twenty-five. Or maybe it was twenty-three. Either way, I'm now twenty-five and I'm not married. Or engaged. Or in a relationship. But that's okay. In hindsight, being settled by twenty-three seems a bit steep. But as many of my peers are currently getting engaged and married, it seems that twenty-five would have been a bit more of a realistic guess. Does it bother me that I'm not one of those people who are now settling down? It did, but not anymore. Everyone's path is different. And you can't preempt the exact date you'll meet the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. My particular path just allows me more time to work on other things in my life. 

All throughout my life I viewed twenty-five as the age where youth comes to an end, when you officially can't be considered 'young' anymore. Now that I am that age I simultaneously feel very old and very young. I feel old, because yes, I'm beginning to leave my youthful years behind me. But I simultaneously feel young. Probably because the fear of losing my youth has me hyper aware that it still exists. And I want to take advantage of it in a way I didn't when I was even younger. To make the most of it before it goes away. 

Years ago I had decided that I would start using anti-ageing creams before the age of twenty-five, because that is widely believed to be the age where your skin starts to show signs of age. I didn't quite start doing that before the cut off date, though I experimented here and there. But now I am beginning to actively look around for the best anti-ageing products, ready to add that extra purchase to my list of products that I buy regularly, and cement it into my daily routine. This isn't a choice that everyone will make, but it's one that my vanity is at least happy to partake in.

I'm twenty-five, but I'm still at uni, as an undergrad. This is mostly due to mental and physical health issues that have come between me and my education in the past. But now as a twenty-five year old student I find myself embarrassed. When people ask me what I do I hesitate to say 'student'. And if I'm asked my age in a university setting I almost want to lie. None of this was an issue to me until my last birthday, but it seems to me that twenty-five is the age that makes you sound like a bonafide adult that should have their life together. 

Some people decide to stay 'twenty-five forever', to pretend that they're that age for as long as they can get away with, as an attempt to hold onto their dwindling youth. But not me.

For me twenty-five is a transitional period, much like eighteen was. Of course it's scary when things are visibly changing around you and you feel the need to catch up. But I will ride out the painful limbo that is my mid-twenties, and once I do I will be ready to embrace whatever the next phase of my life will be, like I've done with every other previous phase of my life. And whenever I do enter it, it will be because it will come naturally. 

Amani x 

Thoughts Of A 25 Year Old

10 Mar 2017

I recently decided that my lipstick collection was in dyer need of new additions, so I took to the high street in search of some reasonably priced drugstore lipsticks. Whilst shopping I took interest in some of the shades that Maybelline had to offer, and as Boots had a 2 for 3 deal on the brand I made good use of it and bought three of Maybelline's Colour Sensational lipsticks.

With my unique hair colour and complexion combination not many lip shades suit me, and I usually find myself sticking to plum shades. And this is definitely represented in these purchases. Nonetheless, I'm happy that there is still some significant variety between the three colours. The shades that I purchased are: 975 Divine Wine Matte, 886 Berry Bossy Bold, 365 Plum Passion.

(top: 975, middle: 886, bottom: 365)
(left: 975, middle: 886, right:365)

Consistency-wise Divine Wine is so far my favourite, as I really enjoy matte products. And it so far has proved to have great staying power. Colour-wise Plum Passion is the most vibrant colour, which is fun for me to experiment with. But all in all I'm very pleased with each lipstick, especially at the low price. 

Amani x

Maybelline Lipsticks

27 Feb 2017

Over Christmas, whilst I was staying with my mum in London, we went for a walk in Highgate Woods. The weather was as perfect as a winter day can be; frost on the ground but also warm sunlight bathing the park, making the atmosphere more than pleasant.

Highgate Woods has wild woodland on the outskirts but also a large open green space in the middle. So it's perfect for both walks as well as just lazing around, there's also enough space for sports. There's also a cafe within the woods that has both inside and outside seating, which I've visited previously. 

It's also great for Pokémon. Highgate Woods has really, really good Pokémon. The park has some great touches, for example craved trees and carvings of wooden animals, which double as unique Pokéstops. 

Amani x

Highgate Woods

12 Feb 2017

Health, fitness and nutritional expert Lucy Locket has released the Mindset Workbook; an 18 page ebook guide that helps you figure out what your health/fitness/other goals are, and gets you in the right mindset in order to reach them 

The guide includes elements such as tips on how to maintain a sustainable healthy lifestyle, the key principles that help with nutrition and fat loss, and mental exercises to help with motivation. 

The guide also contains exercises to be completed and filled in, including exercises helping you to practise positive thinking and to work towards improvement. There is also a segment dedicated to helping you set goals and teaching you how to break them up to make them easier to reach. 

This ebook is really helpful for those of us who want to improve our health and fitness but don't know where to start. Also for those who are in need of a bit of a helping hand along the way. If you're anything like me then you've vowed to be fitter and healthier this year (like, for real this time), and this is a great way to help achieve that goal! The guide can also be used for better mental health, and even to work on non-health related goals, such as career. 

Lucy Locket's Mindset Workbook is currently available at the very reduced price of £4.99. All you need to do to get your discounted copy is follow this link, click 'Make Payment Online', fill in the details and type in 'amanilyrical' in the notes section before checking out.


Amani x 

Mindset Workbook | Review

5 Feb 2017

As a student with high rent it seems like I rarely buy anything for myself these days other than essentials (and the odd treat). But when the essentials are cute they also become blog worthy. So here are a few things I've bought recently. 

I needed a new water bottle, having recently lost mine. Luckily I found this cute, baby pink one online. Unlike some it's really easy to open and close, and it also matches my homeware. 

I've had my eye on Demeter fragrances for a while, as they have a huge selection of really cool scents, from 'Wet Garden' to 'Moonbeam.' For my first purchase I bought their 'First Love' scent. I went for the cheaper and smaller roll-on option, as to make sure I liked it. Turns out I do, so I shall be purchasing again. The scent smells floral with a touch of candy (perhaps Love Hearts!).

This 'Nope' t-shirt from Redbubble was one of those things that I 'needed' as soon as I saw it on a sponsored post on Facebook. The rest is history. 

I've heard great things about Beauty Blenders for ages and have only now finally gotten round to purchasing one. I haven't used it yet but I'm looking forward to trying it out!

For ages I've wanted to buy some creaseless hair ties, as I hate always having dents in my hair after putting it up. I finally bought this pack of peach and grey coloured creaseless hair ties from Ebay.

What's your favourite purchase that you've made recently?

Amani x 

Recently Bought Favourites

23 Jan 2017

Here's what my Autumn of 2016 looked like:

My birthday is only a few days after the start of Autumn, here are some birthday drinks 

And I travelled back home to celebrate with family on the day.

(And had a look at some wands at the Platform 9 3/4 store at Kings Cross).

My birthday cake from Patisserie Valerie!

Back in Nottingham . .

I got some pretty new postcards for my wall.

And took selfies, of course.

Autumn is my favourite season, and I made sure to stop and appreciate it this year.

One of my favourite things about Halloween time is the treats.

Autumn vibes all around.

Elderflower cocktails were had.

I tried and failed to sit down and film some Youtube videos, hopefully I'll get there eventually!

The first signs of Christmas started to show.

Amani x

Autumn '16 In Pictures

6 Jan 2017

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